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Stop cold calling.
Get warm referral calls.
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The biggest search technology change in 25 years is happening now.  Voice activated search is dominant.  Local business is the priority.
The new search engine paradigm is matching local consumers with local businesses.  Whether it is an online search, or a voice initiated query, Homecourtmarketing is hyper-focused on the new integrations that get your business found.
Google Has New Requirements.

If you want your business to be found by local consumers via traditional search or voice, you must meet these new requirements.  The solution?
A specialized consumer site.
Mobile Friendly

Our local business generating sites are a mobile responsive, light weight and fast.  A Google and Bing priority.

SSL Certificate

Encryption enabled SSL site  A padlock is displayed in the address bar.  A Google and Bing priority.

Updating Content

Sites are regularly updated with fresh new content.  A priority for all search platforms.

Voice Search Registered

Registered and consistently updated with all major voice search platforms.  Voice search is taking over. Without proper registration, your site will not be found via any voice search platform.

Customer testimonials

Our system makes it easy for your customers to post a testimonial.  4 and 5 star reviews are automatically posted to your site!

Google My Business

Offering complete and robust management of your "Google My Business" account.

Backed by the experience of Peek Performance Insurance.

  • You don’t have to pay $2000 - $3000 to build a Search Engine Optimized website for your business, then pay $300 each month to host it.
    We can do that better, faster, and cheaper than you can AND we can show you how to get Incoming WARM REFERRALS from DOZENS of other insurance agencies.

  • Stop buying leads and making cold calls! Our specialized sites can provide you with WARM REFERRALS - prospects reaching out to you.


Your site is auto-synced with scores of social platforms.

A massive amount of work is done to ensure one thing:  Your specialized site is found by local consumers shopping for the products and services you offer.

Our Work Never Stops.

All the tech services we provide are ongoing.  With Homecourtmarketing, the impact of your site within your local market is always increasing.

Robust, Intuitive Back Panel

You can utilize the site back panel to upload content, view customer contacts, analytics and more.

2. Latest Technologies

Simple to navigate.  Powerful technology.

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75% Discount.

Peek Performance Insurance agency has negotiated a price for their sponsored agents that is 75% less than what Homecourtmarketing charges for this platform.


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